Kate McDonnell, Guitar, banjo, vocals
Tony Levin, Bass
Jerry Marotta, drums


Ballad of a Bad Girl
Schnabb Music ©2011
My sister’s name was Jezebel
She did the best she could
Folks called her a bad bad girl
She’s just misunderstood

Her hair so black it glinted blue
Like sunlight on a starling
She’d go with anyone they said
She’s anybody’s darling

My sister’s name was Jezebel
That’s what Daddy named her
I was younger by one year
Helpless while he shamed her

While Daddy hounded Jezebel
Mama looked the other way
I knew we had to grow up fast
And make that bastard pay

One day he came home stumbling drunk
As Mama went to town
She said, “You keep that fool inside--
He’ll hit the creek and drown”

Ah, girls are strong when times are tough
We did what needed doing
All alone when Ma came home
Two girls and coffee brewing

My sister’s name is Jessica
She changed it ‘cause she could
Folks call us those bad, bad girls
We’re just misunderstood

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