May 2023 QuaranPalooza Livestream Music Fest


John Ryback from sunny San Fran brings you the multi-performer multi-genre livestream music fest extravaganza we call QuaranPalooza! Starts at 2:300 Eastern Time. Kate is on at 3:05 for only 15 minutes, so don't tarry (who uses that word anymore?!) We'll get things rolling at 2:30 EST/11:30AM PST and have non-stop live performances until 2 AM/11PM! With everything from harp guitar to ukulele to shamisen to fiddle to guitar to piano to harp to autoharp to 8 string hybrid guitar. Truly, a lil' somethin' for everyone from fantastic songwriting with mindful lyrics to solo looping and improvisation. You can take a musical journey from the comfort of your own home around the World, from Germany, Malaysia, The Catskills, Connecticut, New Zealand, Taiwan, NYC., Albany, Texas, North Carolina, Yuba City, Nashville, L.A. and plenty of talent from right here in The Bay Area!! 34 performers and 11 1/2 hours of live music, definitely worth a $15 ticket! Get a ticket @ and join us in The Zoom, and we'll donate 25% of ticket sales to Bay Area Cancer Connections! We have a goal every month of raising and donating $100, you can help make that happen by getting a ticket or can donate after clicking the tickets button. This is our three year anniversary, come celebrate with us in the zoom!! The show will feature: 11:30-11:45 Joana Carvalhas 11:50-12 David Jesitus 12:05-12:20 Kate McDonnell 12:25-12:40 Marji Zintz 12:45-1 Ant Fujinaga 1:05-1:20 Bert Lee 1:25-1:40 Craig Greenberg 1:45-2 Andrew Kasab 2:05-2:20 Gwenhwyfarr Buckley 2:25-2:40 Katie Stewart 2:45-3 Fortune's Gale 3:05-3:20 Mandy Paige Bayless 3:25-3:40 J. Leigh Stone 3:45-4 Nikki Nash 4:05-4:15 Jessica Renee Malone 4:20-4:40 The Genie 4:45-5:05 Deborah Crooks 5:10-5:25 Wilson Wong 5:30-5:45 Morgan Cochneuer 5:50-6:05 Lyndsay Stone 6:10-6:25 Az Samad 6:30-6:45 Karen Ballew 6:50-7:05 Noah Lehrman 7:10-7:30 David Gans 7:35-7:50 Anna Troy 7:55-8:10 Lee Quick 8:15-8:25 Alice Osborn 8:30-8:45 Sara Rodenburg 8:50-9:05 Lisa Graciano 9:10-9:30 Nate Lopez 9:35-9:55 Maggie Cocco 10-10:15 Katherine Park 10:20-10:35 Frances Ancheta Becker 10:40-11 Mjoy A $15 ticket gets you into the fest and onto The Zoom with us + we donate 25% of ticket sales to Bay Area Cancer Connections!

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